Who we are

Insurance Penetration is at less than 3% in most of the countries in Africa, the traditional insurance models have done little to address the gap. A new and African approach to Insurance is needed.

Bismart Insurance enables the uninsured African population to access Insurance. We are a team of experienced Insurance, Social Scientists and technology experts.

Our approach is to work with existing Social grouping and Institutions, co-create Insurance products based on the customers’ needs and integrate with Insurance companies. This drive costs out of the whole Insurance value chain, enabling profitability for all stakeholders.

New innovations

Tulizo *846#

This is a peer to peer last expense cover that provides reprieve for funeral expenses to families of a departed loved one. The primary target for this cover is the church faithful’s who are already organized into groups like Parishes. This product is Underwritten by Pacis Insurance Company.

Bismart-Orient Mobile

This is a smart phone insurance product that insures against theft/loss and accidental damage of the phone.

Our Partners

Our Pillars

Customer Focus

We are on the side of our customers and we collaborate with the insurance companies, to provide excellent end-to-end customer experience from on boarding/buying to the claim process. We will follow up to ensure that claims are paid within the agreed timelines. We also provide customer education and training to ensure our customers make informed choices.


Bismart will continuously leverage on disruptive digital technologies to drive insurance business models in order to provide value to our customers.


Excellence is the only standard by which we measure our performance. We seek to provide efficiency in delivering our value proposition to our customers.

Scalable Growth

The insurance penetration is very low, at 2.8% in Kenya; we seek to contribute to the growth of the insured and informed customers.

What Our Client Says...

I dropped the beautiful, shiny new phone and cracked the screen and had to pay an absolute fortune to have it repaired. This really upset me, I am so careful but sometimes mistakes simply happen! Once again I did a search online and this time Bismart Mobile Device Cover was the first result to pop up on Google. On Sunday I went ahead and read the terms and conditions online, where everything was laid out and very explanatory, the calculator worked out my premium which I found affordable and I easily Mpesa's across the amount, by 10 AM the very next morning a friendly and efficient Theodore phoned me to confirm my details after which he followed up with some more information as well as text and email confirmation that my device has successfully been covered. I am pressed to think of an example of such efficiency in my native South-Africa, and it's wonderful that such comprehensive cover finally exists in Kenya. Even though I truly hope not to have to contact you with a claim, I feel assured that I am in very capable hands. It's a huge weight off my shoulders.

- Erica Deegan

I want to join bismart team

- Janet

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- Andrew


  • Standard chartered bank, women In Tech award
  • Westerwelle Young Founders, 2018
  • Alumni of Westerwelle young founders

Management Team

Eunice Maina, Chief Executive Officer
Eunice is passionate about Technology and how it can enable transformation of lives and industries. She believes that Technology is the key to increase of insurance penetration in Africa. she has over 10 years experience in insurance distribution and 5 years experience in ICT. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Nairobi, An Advanced diploma in Computer studies from NCC education, UK. At Bismart, as the CEO, she charts the vision and direction for the start up to disrupt the insurance Industry.
Rahab Kariuki , Chief Product Officer
Rahab is passionate about application of design to solve social problems. She advocates for transformation of financial solutions to build the resilience of vulnerable communities to shocks. An Agriculture insurance expert combining professional training in insurance and agronomy with practical product development experience in both a non-profit and start up environments. Holds a degree in agriculture extension from the University of Nairobi, a Fellowship diploma in insurance from the college of insurance Nairobi and currently pursuing an MBA in marketing at United States International University. Currently as the Chief Product Officer at Bismart, Rahab leads innovations and strategy for Bismart to provide innovative insurance solutions through technology across Africa.
Dennis Kojwang, Chief Technology Officer
Dennis is a seasoned ICT professional with over 15 years of ICT management, software development, and integration. He previously worked DFID Education Programme, East Africa Development Bank(EADB) ,Fidelity Assurance, PSI(Population International Services) Action AID Fund Project for the Kenyan County Community Score Card- (data warehousing and analysis).