Unit/investment linked policies

If you haven’t yet purchased a unit-linked product, you most certainly should consider buying one. Unit linked products (Ulips) achieve two things all in one cover; life protection, and investment-linked growth for your insurance policy.

Conventional policies or whole life plans far outweigh Ulips when you think about security( life insurance) and guarantee ( what is promised is what you get). They provide fixed long-term returns as an ideal option, but not as attractive as Ulips when it comes to returns, Ulips are expected to give higher returns based on market performance. click here to get at least 3 options available in the market

Expert analysis: Which is better? Endowment plan+ Mutual Fund or Unit Linked Plans?

There is an unambiguous tilt for fixed plans. The admin charges are uniformly spread over a specified short-term period. A significant portion of the initial first-year payments will be invested, a feature not present in earlier Ulips.

In the former investment policies, nearly 80 % of first-year funds premiums were allocated to charges, with little or none for investment. Currently the same initial funds start earning interest within the first quarter of speculation.

Typical Fund Options include:

  • Equity Fund
  • Fixed Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Money market fund

Times have changed now and new Ulips regulations today ensure that they’re promoted as a long-term savings and protection tool. The greater focus is on long- lock-in phase up from three to five years to allow the customer protection as the foundation of the investment plan.

Unit linked funds are mostly sold as short-term savings products whereas designed to provide significant profits in the long-term. click here to receive options available.

Why consider a unit linked plan?

Unit linked Policies are a superior option for the conservative investors. Most people can’t handle active stock portfolios wisely, but you can invest in an insurance Ulip for the long-term and reap profits over a stretched period. You also enjoy a life cover that is commensurate with your premium charges.

The new norm has standardized the various products offered across insurance companies. Therefore, it may be tricky when you go shopping for quality, comprehensive investment plan. That is why we are here to assist you to pick the best investment plan, and what you should look for in Ulips before committing yourself.


A Life cover is the most vital element of all benefits in an investment insurance cover. Like all covers, it should be computed using the normal underwriting procedures, citing your age, sex, policy term and, average annual income, etc.

Although the regulator has standardized the minimum life cover there isn’t an absolute upper limit, unless an insurance company decides to cap the top limit coverage. Since life is uncertain, go with a flexible plan. A plan that allows you to make changes along the way and earns profits every 3-5 years, or withdrawal out after a given period.

Additionally, look for optimal flexibility in funds allocation to maximize your profits in the long-term. Pick Ulips that allow free switch options in a specified year.


Apart from product benefits, the maturity payout should also make sense in terms of return on investment. There can be a huge disparity in the maturity payout, subject to fund performance over the years, or in the last final years. Make sure to pick something balanced, or a fixed capital component. Study the various resources available in the market to verify the performance record of the fund before parting with your money. Look at the short-term returns (6 months) as opposed to the annualized profits to gauge performing funds in the market.

With capped charges, you are likely to find better net returns from the new Unit Linked Plans.

Expert Tip: Investors should continue their insurance policies to maturity to enjoy maximum benefits of periodic bonuses and overall compounding outcome. Contact us for more details

Claims Settlement

Your plan should meet its end of the bargain should a calamity befall you or a loved one nominated in the insurance coverage. When selecting your preferred plan, also consider an insurer with a good track record of claims payments.

Excellent after-sales services is also a good thing to look out for in the onset when dealing with the insurance staff, from the agents to the overall atmosphere in the office set up, conversations with customer care reps and the regular random communications initiated by corporate companies. Click here: we follow up on your claim settlement with the insurance company that you chose.


Insurance companies disclose market reports in their monthly or annual newsletters. Active marketing of the products can be found on their websites or in print media through their trusted agents and affiliates. The insurance regulator (IRA) has stipulated guidelines for transparency and openness from insurance companies. Insurers cannot promote products different from the ones they contract their clients. Therefore, all the information regarding products must be provided to customers in ranking methodology. Policy disclosure leads to better chances for investors to understand Ulips and make an informed decision before purchasing.

Where do you find Unit Linked Plans?

All the above-listed factors may seem like simple points to bear in mind. However, we know that it’s easier said than done when you have a whole host of Ulips obtainable in the market to choose from.

Therefore, we have made this task easy for you by analyzing the different products in the market and we shall provide you with the top 3 to choose from. Contact us for a quotation.

Ulips have scored quite well in the recent years, owing to stable markets and a flood of clients rushing in to buy education policies in the form of Ulips for the long-term consideration.

A longer investment period implies that a customer intending to gain from speculative stock swings by cashing in units for profits may not find Ulips favorable.

Since the unit linked provides a better value customer proposition, should you terminate your old policy to buy the improved investment option? No, do not surrender active policies to pick up new ones. Surrendering old insurance policy attracts charges depending on term level, it is not recommended.

So, briefly, below are the fixed costs attached to an insurance unit-linked plan.

Premium Allocation Fee: A standard fee deducted from your premium also known as admin cost

Mortality Fee: Premium payment for your insurance coverage including death, disability, and or critical illness covers.

Fund Management Fees: This is an added cost for your Fund Management standard charges at 2% of total funds.

Surrender Charge: Levied on canceled or premature policies i.e. early withdrawals

Switching Fee: A charge levied on fund switching from one to another within the product.

Bismart combines and studies insurance plans to offer you only the best possible solutions for your investments. We comprehensively look at your finances before picking a sound investment plan for you and your loved ones.

We offer long-term solutions best suited to fit your pockets financially. Contact us today for a comprehensive investment planning.