What you Need to Know when Traveling around the World

My friend Simo is a frequent flier. In fact, they should give him a voter’s card in China for the numerous times he’s traveled back and forth. From various hotels overstays to industrial site visits, to take manufacturing samples of his goods, the business must be good. “Nikujaribu tu” says Simo. Rich fellows from the mountain will never accept liability for ‘making it in life.’ It is always a daily struggle for them.

I get irked up by Simo sometimes. We cannot have a spoilful meal at Java or Gaucho because that’s wasting money he says; I shall soon disown him as my friend! Anyways, this year is blessed. He asked to meet with me at the Stanley hotel. At first, I was pleased, and then I asked “why are we meeting there today?” ” The Chinese will be joining us, usichelewe priss.” He cautioned me.

Simo had an awful experience in China. He caught a bad Flu due to the changing weather patterns mid-air and had to seek medical attention in Beijing. He had never considered any form of insurance as a solid risk mitigation plan. Now he needed one, and to also scold some of his business partners for bad international medical attention policies with the government; we were all summoned. This right here was serious stuff. I wore a navy blue blazer and red pumps to color block my wonder coat on this auspicious occasion.

After the long boring meeting with the Chinese guys, he dismissed them and asked me“ umekuja na form za insurance ya ije?” asked Simo. Ije ni wapi? Hukusema nibebe form” I retorted, feeling lost. “Nataka insurance ya travelers, na ya medical. Ni pesa ngapi?”

I smiled inwardly… the gods of China, all of them combined, had failed. Click here to get at least 3 travel insurance quotations from different insurance companies.

Here’s what you need to Know about Travel Insurance

Simo switched off his phone and pulled his chair closer, ready to comprehend how this stuff works.

Travel insurance covers losses, unexpected events, and risks associated with domestic or foreign air trips. It is an added perk on airplane tickets or sold as a standalone insurance coverage. At Bismart, you compare prices from different companies and we make sure you get the best.

The main travel insurance categories include:

  • Travel Delay / Flight Cancellation
  • Financial Loss and trip delays and cancellation costs
  • Medical and emergency costs
  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Surgical or dental expenses
  • Return of human remains where death occurs
  • Repatriation
  • Hospital Allowance
  • Hospitalization in case of an accident or sickness covered under policy
  • Personal Accident
  • Losses from an accident
  • Passport loss; cost of travel papers
  • Loss of personal effects/Baggage
  • Money
  • Loss of money by theft or securely locked in a safety deposit box
  • Person Liability
  • Flight Accidental Death
  • Travel insurance is often purchased as a package that incorporates several types of coverage.
  • Some policies may include added coverage, to insure you against:
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Fire or floods
  • Expatriate duty

Medical Coverage helps you locate doctors, foreign healthcare facilities, and cover medical expenses. It includes emergency airlifts to a medical center or sudden illness care services if you have to get admitted in a foreign hospital.

There are two types of medical travel insurance:

Travel medical assurance provides short-term coverage; ranging from five days up to 3 months, depending on coverage.

Major health insurance covers travelers planning to stay away from home longer- six months to one year. It also includes preexisting medical conditions, as well as those excluded.

When traveling, always register with the resident embassy of the country you’re visiting. This way, the embassy can contact your family if an emergency occurs. In the event of an accident leading to death or serious injury, this policy pays benefits to your immediate beneficiaries.

Obtaining Travel Insurance

You can buy travel insurance in three ways:

  • Per-trip coverage: these consist of 80% of all travel policies. They provide protection for single trips, quite ideal for occasional travelers.
  • Multi-trip coverage – for numerous trips during any one year, but not to exceed 30 days
  • Annual insurance cover for frequent travelers; It offers annual protection.

Computing Travelers Insurance Premium

Travel cover premiums are based on your age, the cost of your trip, the type of coverage and your destination. There are additional specialized riders that focus on business travelers, expatriates, or athletes’ needs.

Travel insurance offers extensive medical coverage, ensure that you do not duplicate protection, or buy coverage that would have been refundable. Before buying comprehensive travel package insurance, consider your immediate needs.

Accidental death cover may not be required if you have an existing life insurance policy in place, although, the travel benefits will still be applicable in addition to your life insurance policy.

“Ni ngapi nalipa?” Simo asked impatiently. so, Are you traveling soon? Talk to us. we shall give you quotations from at least 3 insurance companies