Insurance is all around us & in every facet of life that we look into. At this point you’re probably thinking to yourself what is this writer talking about?


Well bear with me for a moment & all shall be revealed in good time, like it is said, patience is a virtue…


Look at insurance this way, when you put on your shoes, the aim is to diminish/mitigate any harm that your feet might be open to, when we dress, we mitigate direct harm from the elements, when you sleep on a soft, bouncy mattress instead of the cold hard floor and cover yourself with a warm blanket, when you switch on the light at night as opposed to fumbling in the dark, when you seek companionship from friends and partners because man is not an island, and the examples are limitless. In essence, we engage in one activity because the alternative isn’t as comfortable, therefore we spread our risk so that what you are left with, you can handle. Don’t try being a ‘superhero’. I hope you have a better understanding and much simpler one of what insurance is. My only question to you then would be; why bear all the risk directly when you could ease your load & at an advantage if I might add on to yourself?

Look at it as putting on a pair of shoes, or dressing up all suave and dapper when you know you’re headed for that all important meeting that you need to impress over and above, when as a parent you take out an education policy for your children, or the most classic is that you belong to a chama/welfare group and through ones contributions, should difficult times come up ahead, you spread your risk and in this way can tackle the difficulties.


So if you’re doing it with shoes, does your health really need thought? Or your car insurance (although the law compels you here), but some individuals whom I shall not endeavor to mention at this moment (you know yourselves), push luck for lack of a better word to its limits, or education for your children…


Get dressed, make sure your shirt, trouser, skirt or blouse is well ironed, then follow it up with your shining shoes…now you are ready for the day. But in the same instance, just as easy as getting dressed was and that you do it every day, visit www.bismart.co.ke , shop around for insurance, (health, car, home, the choice is varied), compare quotes online and finally buy the product online.


Like I said earlier, insurance is all around us…just put on your shoes…

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