Health Insurance: The Critical Illness Cover

Health Insurance: The Critical Illness Cover

Health care in Kenya is very costly. Paying cash for health care services in this country is oftentimes unsustainable for most people. The cost gets ridiculously high if one suffers from a critical illness e.g Cancer. The cost of chemotherapy in Kenyatta National Hospital, for example, is typically above Sh. 100,000 per patient (on average).  Imagine such a patient having to pay this amount out of their own pockets.

Clearly, paying for health care out of the pocket is not a pocket-friendly move. Especially considering the fact that you cannot count on luck to keep you out of the hospital. Eat healthy, exercise, drink a lot of water- I get it; they can keep you healthy for a long time. Adopt a good lifestyle and you’ll live a long, healthy life. As Bismart, we 100% advocate for that.  However, you still need an insurance cover to cover you in the event that your health goes wrong through an illness- mild or severe. It’s not convenient to pay hospital bills out of the pocket, remember? That’s where health insurance comes in.

Health insurance will come through for you when you need to pay that hospital bill. You just need to have it. You can check out individual, couple and family health insurance quotes by clicking on this.

The Critical Illness Cover

While health insurance will help you in the event that you have medical bills as a result of common illnesses, there are certain health situations that are not fully  covered by the standard health insurance cover. These are referred to as  critical illnesses.

They include:

i) Heart attack

ii) Open heart surgery

iii) Aortic surgery

iv) Stroke

v) Cancer

vi) Renal/Kidney failure

vii) Paraplegia

viii) Major organ transplant (Kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas, bone marrow)

ix) Coma

x) Multiple Sclerosis

If you need to learn more about these conditions and many more, you can read this article

These conditions are comprehensively covered by the critical illness cover. The standard health insurance cover comes short when it comes to critical illnesses. For Cancer, as an example, the standard health insurance cover has a waiting period of one year and low sub-limits; not enough to fully cater for the costly medical services that cancer patients need.

A magnifying glass on a newspaper magnifying the word cancer on the newspaper. The topic is Health Insurance: The Critical Illness Cover

More About The Critical Illness Cover

On the first diagnosis of a critical illness, this cover provides the insured person a lump sum of money for the purpose of paying for treatment. The insured person can use this payment to get medical help in a hospital of their choice, locally or abroad.

Benefits of This Cover

(i) On the first diagnosis of a critical illness, this cover takes care of the medical bills. Therefore, it relieves the insured person of the financial burden that comes with these critical illnesses

(ii) The insured person can seek treatment in a hospital of their choiceThe money goes straight into the hands of the insured person, not the hospital. Therefore, no payment delays occur between the insurance company and the hospital

At this point, I need to stress on the fact that this cover is a must have for anyone with a critical illness. This is due to the fact that the standard health insurance cover does not cover such illnesses.

If you need this cover, you can contact us.





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