Most people are not happy with their financial situation. So you have calculated your net worth. You know your own financial position. The next step is to decide where you want to be.

People who are overwhelmed with debt, poor income and high living expenses often feel helpless. No matter the situation, it is always possible to change. Do not underestimate your power to change our circumstances.

Sit down for a meeting with yourself. If you are married you can have this meeting with your spouse. Talk about what you want financially. Be specific as you can be about what you want. Talk about what kind of retirement fund you ought to have. How much would be enough? What kind of a home do you want? How much money do you need in your emergency fund in case you lose your job? How much will you need for your children’s high school or university education?

Set a few big goals and then break down each goal into bite sized pieces. For instance you can begin working on getting a down payment for a house.

Some things will have more urgency than others. Any debts that attract high interest rates will be treated more urgently. Seek professional advice where you can. Sometimes you can save money by paying a debt faster.

Goals should be divided into long term and short term goals. Review progress every six months.