Even superheroes need insurance. Everyone needs saving at some point or another, it doesn’t matter how ‘super’ one is. You’d think a superhero doesn’t need insurance, right? I mean with a them being invincible and all…what’s the point of having insurance, what could possibly go wrong? We’re all prone to certain risks or weaknesses that are beyond us, no one is beyond risk.  Risk is basically the possibility of loss or injury and insurance comes in to mitigate this risk. Superheroes and risk go together like peas in a pod.

John feels he needs motor insurance. Jessica has taken out mobile phone insurance. Abraham and Cynthia being a young couple with a five month old baby have taken out health insurance, and the list goes on. But they are your ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry (with Jane as well – gender sensitivity), so you’d say it’s actually expected and prudent that they’d have one form of insurance cover or the other.

Now, on the flip side this is something you would probably not expect, your favorite superhero also taking out insurance, just think about it…

T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther

Now T’Challa is first and foremost King of Wakanda. Some of his duties entail a lot of state travel to other nations. Just the other day he was at the UN General Assembly in New York. Yes you’d never expect a king to lose his luggage, have personal liability, but there could be possibilities of hijacking, hostage taking, need for medical evacuation etc. Therefore, it would be prudent of the Black Panther to take out travel insurance.

Makmende a.k.a. Makmende

Kenyans have a nasty reputation of losing phones. Therefore, it is only wise for Makmende – our local, chest thumping, crime fighting, evil bashing superhero to insure his phone. Especially in the line of work that he’s in, damage can be an often occurrence. Also taking into consideration that his phone is not a ‘mulika-mwizi’, but a state of the art marvel of technology, he must take action to ensure that should loss, damage or theft occur, he is covered.


Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman

For a lady who is as old as Aunt May, her healthcare is critical. Therefore, it is important that Spiderman takes out health cover with main emphasis on the benefits provided for dependents. This is a lady who has taken care of Peter since childhood, this is one of the ways he can say thank you to his aunt. Insurance is not always about self but the loved ones around us too. The same also applies for Clarke Kent a.k.a. Superman. He needs to think of his wife and mother. Unfortunately, for the moment he can’t get cover against exposure to kryptonite, but in future anything is possible.

Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman

Forbes estimates Bruce Waynes net worth at approximately $9.2 billion. On the other hand, the annual revenue of Wayne Enterprises is roughly $31.2 billion. Now with figures like this, insurance seems not to be very important, I mean he has all the money to cover risk, some even argue that his ‘superpower’ is money. But over my years of existence, one thing I have come to notice is the wealthier one is, the higher the chances that this wealth and assets are protected from risk. Take the, Batmobile, the premiums might be ‘out of this world’, but Bruce will still take out motor insurance on his vehicle. And that you can take to the bank.


Loss or injury is no respecter of persons, including superheroes, we’re all prone to risk – all of us. Makmende is grateful for the phone insurance due to the frequency that his phones are damaged…you know, as he fights crime – protecting peace loving Kenyans. For Aunt May, it’s necessary to have annual check-ups. Also, remember when Superman and Lois Lane were expecting a child? It would only be smart to have health insurance with a good maternity option, maybe even a water birth, lamaze classes etc.

So you see being “invincible”, is just a ten letter word, and if these guys have insurance, then you ultimately, definitely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, require insurance. If you love yourself and those close to you, and value your property, then you know what to do…

…because even superheroes need insurance


Article by,

Sam Kiwinda,

Digital Marketer & Content Development Consultant


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