What You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Kenya

Many Kenyans still don’t fully understand Motor Insurance covers. Understanding Motor Insurance covers in Kenya is essential to every Kenyan car owner. In the event of loss or damage, this knowledge helps the insured party avoid any misunderstanding with their insurer.

The Different Covers

There are three different Motor Insurance covers. These are: Comprehensive, Third Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance covers.

Range of Risks Covered

In terms of the range of risks covered by individual covers, the comprehensive cover takes the top slot. Third Party Fire and Theft cover takes the second and Third Party Only (TPO) Insurance covers the least number of risks among the three.

All these covers are very important.


Third Party Only (TPO) Insurance Cover 

This is the bare minimum cover in Motor Insurance. It is the lowest-tier Motor Insurance cover. However, every car in Kenya must have this cover; it is a requirement of the law.

This cover does not provide personal protection to the car owner. Therefore, as the name suggests, it only covers third parties such as friends that are in the car in the event of an accident.

If the accident damages the car, it is the car owner’s responsibility to repair it.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance Cover

This cover is more comprehensive than the Third Party Only (TPO). It protects the car owner against liabilities to third parties in the car in the event of an accident. It also covers the car against the risks of fire and theft.

Car on Fire. Car Insurance has you covered in cases of such damage.
Car Insurance has you covered in cases of car fire.


However, it is important for the insured party to find out the applicable exclusions under fire insurance as spelled out by their insurer.

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Comprehensive Cover

This is the Motor Insurance cover that guarantees the insured party a peace of mind. It covers the insured party against a wide range of risks and offers the benefits offered by Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only Insurance covers. In addition, it covers the insured party against damage arising from accidents to their car.

The insured party should fully understand the meanings of accident and accidental damage. They should also clearly understand exclusions as spelled out by the insurer.

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The other advantage that comprehensive cover offers is the fact that in the event of accidental damage, the insurance company gives the insured party a courtesy car. Therefore, the insured party can move around and continue with their daily activities while their car is being repaired.

This cover also allows the insured party to optimize it to cover against uncommon risks such as terror attacks and violence resulting from political and civil unrest.

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Clearly, every existing and potential car owner in Kenya should fully understand the different Motor Insurance covers.




Renewing your Motor Policy

At Bismart we issue you with an insurance renewal notice within one month before the next renewal date.

What do you do in the Event of Car Theft or an Accident?

  • Call for ambulance services if grave injury has occurred.
  • Call the police. You need a police report to file a legal insurance claim. Your vehicle might require towing to the nearest police station if the accident was grisly. Once the police write a comprehensive report, the damaged car is towed to the particular insurer’s suggested garage, accompanied by an abstract police report.
  • Exchange plate numbers, auto insurance, and contact information with the other accident parties involved.
  • Look for witnesses to explain what they saw. Collect their contact information as well. If you cannot gather evidence at the scene of the accident, the police report may be used as a backup source for the parties involved.
  • Call Bismart helpline immediately. Our officers will guide you on how to complete a claim form. Upon completion of the process, an Insurance assessor visits the towing garage where the damaged vehicle sits to review it and provide cost estimates for repairs; in which case he may authorize repair works to commence by issuing a release letter or advise the insurer to issue a total loss release voucher signed by you as the client.
  • If the vehicle is a total write off, you the insured must provide the following for payment processing:
    • Car Keys
    • Copy of Insurance Certificate
    • Original Log Book
    • Signed blank transfer forms

The salvage car remains in custody of the insurer once declared a total loss, and the policyholder receives his claim cheque.

Vehicle Theft Claim.

  • Report the stolen vehicle to the police as soon as possible.
  • Notify Bismart within 24 hours of the robbery.
  • Visit your insurance company and file a Claim Form.
  • You may receive further instructions from Bismart during the period investigations.