What You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Kenya

You’ve probably had motor insurance for a decade with minimal accidents and no car theft experience. Suddenly your teenager has just graduated from high school, and mummy has turned in early for the night. He steals the car keys and calls his girlfriend, his ride or die friends plus their hangers-on and a random guy, all packed in the stolen car driving away to a night of crazy fun …

We have all heard horrible teenage car accidents as a result of the situation I just described. It ends tragically, with damaged car, almost a write off vehicle and unfortunately sometimes injured persons.

So, do you know how motor insurance works? You may have basic knowledge such as excess fees, comprehensive coverage and calling the police in the event of an accident. At Bismart, we not only help you get the best insurance in the market but also educate you in the language that you understand, no more jagons. We make Insurance is simple and convenient.

Pointers to motor insurance

  • Car Insurance is a legal requirement for private and commercial drivers.
  • Motor Insurance coverage protects other road users in the event of an accident.
  • Failure to procure motor insurance is a grave offense and drivers may incur huge penalties or get disqualified from driving.
  • Insurance companies provide various types motor insurance
  • There are few things drivers can do to decrease the cost of motor insurance
  • You cannot get motor insurance without a valid driver’s license and a verified car log book.
  • Low mileage vehicles attract low insurance costs.
  • Cars with small engine capacities are also cheaper to insure.

Types of Motor Insurance Coverage


This insurance is a slightly higher type of motor insurance (private or commercial) that covers your vehicle for broad eventualities; including car damages, accidental bodily injury on third parties, loss of items from the car, cost of accidental transfers by car hire/towed vehicle if the insured car incurs massive damage, and windscreen breakage. If you have recently purchased a new car, check with Bismart on the available options in the market. It is best to compare prices with various companies before signing the contract forms. Our platform helps you to compare the available options and the rates and helps you to purchase online. We will help you understand all the applicable fees and claims procedures as well. Click here to get a comprehensive motor insurance, 3 top companies to chose from.

Third party, Fire and Theft.

Third party motor is the most basic form of insurance coverage. It covers for loss of the vehicle through fire or theft and any loss as a result of attempted fire or theft. Damage to property is also covered. There are optional extras available such as windscreen breakage.

Third party

Third party covers minimum basic motor insurance available. It offers liability to third parties in the event of bodily injury and damage to third party vehicles or property. It does not provide insurance compensation to your damaged vehicle in case of an accident. It is a mandatory cover required by law.

What do you require to get a motor insurance?


All drivers seeking insurance must possess a valid driver’s license as a requirement to calculate your automobile insurance premium.

Size and Age of Vehicle

Car engine capacity and age of the vehicle are used to determine the premium cost. The older the car, the riskier it becomes to insure. Many insurance firms believe that older cars are risky to insure. Newer cars, on the other hand, are costly to replace and therefore charged higher insurance rates, likewise, for cars with powerful engines.

Value of the Vehicle

Most insurance companies demand car valuation for first-time customers or newly procured vehicles. The insurance company mostly refers their clients to their trusted valuers for a comprehensive report on the state of your vehicle.

Driving Experience

All insurance companies ask for some driving experience on the contract forms as a basis of premium computation. Coverage is less expensive with experienced drivers without prior accident claims.

Vehicle Usage

It is critical to disclose the purpose of your car, whether it’s for private use or commercial use. A standard policy covers private motor vehicles while additional loading on premium necessitates commercial vehicle usage.

Excess and Extras

Nearly all automobile insurance policies contain an excess clause. The requirement means that the policyholder is liable for a certain percentage of the amount payable for repair in the event of minor accidents. The insurance pays claim over and above the excess amount.

No claims discount

A no claims discount means that if you do not make any claim at a particular year, your premium is discounted. It builds up over the years giving the policyholder a generous reduction in the premiums. In the event of minor accidents, it is cheaper to pay for the damages out of pocket rather than claiming and lose your no claims bonus.


Motor rates have increasingly become very competitive over the years. You make sizeable savings by selecting the best deal available at Bismart.  Click here for a quotation.


Renewing your Motor Policy

At Bismart we issue you with an insurance renewal notice within one month before the next renewal date.

What do you do in the Event of Car Theft or an Accident?

  • Call for ambulance services if grave injury has occurred.
  • Call the police. You need a police report to file a legal insurance claim. Your vehicle might require towing to the nearest police station if the accident was grisly. Once the police write a comprehensive report, the damaged car is towed to the particular insurer’s suggested garage, accompanied by an abstract police report.
  • Exchange plate numbers, auto insurance, and contact information with the other accident parties involved.
  • Look for witnesses to explain what they saw. Collect their contact information as well. If you cannot gather evidence at the scene of the accident, the police report may be used as a backup source for the parties involved.
  • Call Bismart helpline immediately. Our officers will guide you on how to complete a claim form. Upon completion of the process, an Insurance assessor visits the towing garage where the damaged vehicle sits to review it and provide cost estimates for repairs; in which case he may authorize repair works to commence by issuing a release letter or advise the insurer to issue a total loss release voucher signed by you as the client.
  • If the vehicle is a total write off, you the insured must provide the following for payment processing:
    • Car Keys
    • Copy of Insurance Certificate
    • Original Log Book
    • Signed blank transfer forms

The salvage car remains in custody of the insurer once declared a total loss, and the policyholder receives his claim cheque.

Vehicle Theft Claim.

  • Report the stolen vehicle to the police as soon as possible.
  • Notify Bismart within 24 hours of the robbery.
  • Visit your insurance company and file a Claim Form.
  • You may receive further instructions from Bismart during the period investigations.