Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance in Kenya

Health Insurance is one of the basic insurance covers that any family must have. It helps you avoid out-of- pocket payments in the event your child, you or your spouse is hospitalized. Medical bills can be so huge that one may be forced to do a fundraiser or get into debt to raise funds for some necessary medical treatment.

Get Affordable Health Insurance in Kenya

Health insurance is quite broad. Before picking a preferred medical cover, we’ll help you understand what it entails. Low cost cover is not necessarily the best. Sometimes, low cost compromises overall benefits of a health cover. Here is the thing: an inpatient cover offers a wide selection of choices. To access, say, an international treatment or ambulance evacuation services may cost just a few thousand shillings higher, which you may be able to pay. Understand this though; the aim of insurance is to cover and come through for you in the event of an illness. This removes the financial burden of paying for medical treatment off your back.

What you need to know About Health insurance

  • Health insurance is now available to senior citizens up to 80 years of age.
  • Many insurance healthcare providers now include pre-existing conditions and terminal illnesses.
  • We have some health cover options offering oversees treatment and transfers.
  • Maternity cover is offered before pregnancy kicks in. It is one of the extended health benefits along with dental, optical and funeral expenses coverage.

The choice of health insurance is a vital decision because it influences the quality of care received while hospitalized.

An insurance medical cover caters for medical expenses incurred while a patient is hospitalized or receiving minor outpatient health care. Different insurance companies have a partnership with different hospitals and therefore you can only access service from an appointed healthcare provider.

Can I Combine NHIF with My Private Health Insurance?

Of course, you can. But first, let us look at the role of NHIF. Their mission statement seeks to provide reachable, sustainable, affordable, and quality health insurance to all citizens. Note the word “affordable” in this context. You may incur extra costs while you hospitalized, but NHIF may not meet your entire hospital medical expenses. If you don’t have extra medical coverage, you will pay the balances out of pocket. Both a medical cover and NHIF are necessary as they compliment incurred expenses for clients onboard.

NHIF coverage has comprehensive inpatient and outpatient health covers for contributors and their added dependants. NHIF has partner hospitals under Categories; A, B & C, in-patient and partial cover surgical cases provided in the selected hospitals.

Under Category A, (government hospitals) members enjoy an extensive cover for medical illnesses, maternity, and surgeries. In short, NHIF members do not pay extra cash upon admission. Category B (private and mission hospitals) requires members to pay additional fees in cases where surgery is necessary. Facilities under Category C (private hospitals) allow NHIF members on specified daily benefits such as bed and drugs expenses.

How to Pick a Great Medical Cover

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Now that we have understood how medical covers work, let’s look at crucial points to note when selecting an appropriate family cover:

    • Determine the reputation of the health services provider. We as Bismart partner with only reputable insurance companies
    • Find out which hospitals are accessible in your location as well as countrywide. We provide you with the list of hospitals based on the insurer.
    • We help you compare costs and services available in the market; a standard medical cover could leave out essential vital benefits you may require in future. So do not base your decision based on price alone.
    • An inflated cover may not necessarily provide adequate cover. We help you scrutinize your health coverage to get the best out of what is available. Click here to request for Health Insurance quotation from at least 3 different companies.