Who we are

Bismart is a leading Kenyan insurance aggregator, leveraging on digital platforms and technologies to connect our customers to the best insurance and investments solutions available in the market. It is regulated by Insurance regulatory authority. We provide our clients with education and the ability to compare and buy premier insurance and investment solutions at the convenience of their palms

Insurance is a complex product but we believe that our customers deserve the best and should get the best without hustles. Given the right and correct information, they can chose and buy the investments and the insurance solutions that they desire and meet their needs.

We believe that people are more productive when they are in charge of their money. Unfortunately money management is not taught in school. We provide our customers with online personal financial planning advisory which include but not limited to budgeting, goal setting and estate planning.

Our people

We have a dynamic and talented team with over 8 years experience in insurance business and digital technologies

Our Pillars

Customer Focus

We are on the side of our customers and we collaborate with the insurance companies, to provide excellent end-to-end customer experience from on boarding/buying to the claim process. We will follow up to ensure that claims are paid within the agreed timelines. We also provide customer education and training to ensure our customers make informed choices.


Bismart will continuously leverage on disruptive digital technologies to drive insurance business models in order to provide value to our customers.


Excellence is the only standard by which we measure our performance. We seek to provide efficiency in delivering our value proposition to our customers.

Scalable Growth

The insurance penetration is very low, at 2.8% in Kenya; we seek to contribute to the growth of the insured and informed customers.


Connecting our clients to the best insurance and investment solutions in the market.


To be the insurance and investment advisor of choice in Africa.


  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Care and compassion
  • Passion

Why Bismart?

Advisory and Convenience

We provide online analysis of the features, benefits, services and the prices of products from over 5 different companies. We also place the cover with your chosen insurance company. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your core business as we handle your insurance business.

Clients Education

We offer online financial advisory to enable customers make informed choices. In the case for group covers, we train clients on the insurance benefits chosen by the company. This helps in avoiding misconceptions and complains that arise due to lack of information. We also liaise with insurers to offer health clinic for the staff.

Manage relationship

We ensure a cordial relationship between the customer and the insurer; this ensures that our clients have a great customer experience. It also gives the HR peace of mind (in the case for group covers) because the staffs do not need to call the Human resource personnel but call our dedicated help lines.